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Hajj 2017 programme Itinerary

Janab-e- Aali,
As salam o alaykum,
We are pleased to announce our Hajj & ziyarat tours package for the year 2017 and pleased to furnish a detailed itinerary as follow:

* The Hajj tour will be of 40 Days

  • InshaAllah Departures from Ahmedabad to Jeddah will take place on 25th Aug 2017.

  • As per Saudi calendar Hajj day falls on 31st Aug 2017 Thursday.

  • Approximate one month stay in Makkah including 5 days of Hajj.

  • Nine days stay at Medina Munavvarwah.

  • Ziyarat programme Includes Holy places In Iraq(not operating), Palestine, Syria and Jordan.

  • Holy places in Palestine includes - Al Aqsa Mosque (Bait Al Muqaddas),birth place of Hazrat Issa(A.S) (bethelahem),Dead Sea

  • Holy places in Iraq includes ziyarat of Baghdad - Sheikh A.Qadir Jeelani ( Gaus e Pak R.A)Imam Abu Hanifa(R.A), Khawaja Hasan Noori (R.A),Imam Gazali(R.A),Junaid Bagdadi (R.A.) Karbala - Imam Husein (R.A), Imam Abbas (R.A),ali Akbar (R.A),Ali Asgar (R.A) Najaf - Hazrat Ali (K.A) ,Mazare Hazrat Saleh ( R.A.), Kufa - Imam Muslim Aquil (R.A),Hazrat Misam Tammar (R.A.),Hazrat Ali ki Sahadat Gah,Babylon, salman Pak,Nabi Aiyub (A.S),Saiyed Ahmed Kabir Refi(R.A.),Kazmain Sharif.etc.. (IRAQ PROGRAMMED POSTPONED)

  • Syria - Bibi Zainab (R.A) etc

  • Jordan - King Abdulla Mosque, Imam Jafr At-Tayyer (R.A) ,Asab Al Keif

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