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AbdulRazak Abdul Kader Kakiwala

In the name of Lord Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.


Kakiwala Tours & Travels was founded by its legendary founder Mr. Abdul Razak Abdul Kader Kakiwala in 1969. He had rock solid backing and moral support of his wife Late Mrs. Jamila Khatoon (May their souls rest in peace). During their tenure ship & stewardship, it was our domestic travel wing that took first tour to holy shrine of Ajmer Sharif.


The cronies in this business enterprise are Mr. Vasim Ahmed Kakiwala & Mrs. Yasmin Vasim Ahmed Kakiwala. Both have extensive connections which aid them to serve people perform Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarat & domestic pleasure trip contentedly. By the grace of almighty Allah and due to our unrivaled know-how in customer care relations, we are entering the glorious 34th year.

Razak & Sons – Kakiwala Tours & Travels is a foremost name in conducting Hajj, Umrah & Ziyarat pilgrimage with other nationwide joy outings. Kakiwala Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. (Razak & Sons) was formed in 1983. We are into business for the past 33 years. We are registered with Ministry of External Affairs (Hajj Cell), Government of India & a member of IATA, All India Haj Umrah tours Organizers Association, Mumbai. 

Our major aim is in helping Muslim community complete Hajj, Umrah and other religious obligation in absolute blessed frame of mind, with ease and dignity. We are known as thorough specialized company providing exclusive customer service, comfortable accommodation and brilliant surface & air travel arrangements. 

We have been a recognized and well-liked company with a brilliant track record for the best customer contentment. We have by no means compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer, client & devotee. We believe in keeping the customers, clients & pilgrims happy and providing them with diverse products at a very competent cost. We have an excellent staff team who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with you & your customers and informing about the market developments.

Now, we would like to introduce our new company (i.e. M / s. Kaki Forex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd) that has recently been in business. The new company is created to better serve our Hajj / Umrah / Ziyarat Pilgrims using the latest money exchange amenities. We are “Full Fledged Money changer” licensed by “Reserve Bank of India”.  

Please note that we wholly dedicate ourselves in services for sacred Hajj Pilgrimage, holy Umrah journey, Visa registration, currency exchange & other activities in the presently Saudi market trends. Please feel free to keep in contact with us about any of your aforementioned needs and especially foreign currency barter / legal tender related requirements / queries.

In fact, earlier, we had an auspicious occasion to serve you and your associates during Hajj / Umrah / Ziyarat expedition. In future, we would like to tender our service to your customer / client / pilgrim. If you or your relatives, friends or acquaintances wish to carry out any one of religious rituals, please call / contact on us. Our expert administrator will contact you for further discussion at a time convenient to you.

We look forward to a wonderful rapport together and success for all concerned.

Meantime, I earnestly express gratitude for your continuous patronage.

Indeed, thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


(Vasim Ahmed Kakiwala & Yasmin Vasim Ahmed Kakiwala)


Vasimahmed AbdulRazak Kakiwala


Kaki Forex Enterprise Pvt Ltd
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